Radiology Orders Process

Radiology Ordering Process

Physician/mid-level orders radiology

  1. At check out, MA sends message to Monique to order all requested tests (xrays, CT’s, MRI’s, etc.)
  2. For STAT orders only, send message to Monique marked “Urgent” with “STAT Order” in subject line
  3. Monique will generate the order and forward any orders needing authorization to Stacy in insurance
  4. No orders should be written in the clinic and handed to the patient; this process needs to be followed for all orders due to authorizations concerns
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Collecting Outstanding Patient Balances at the Front Desk

Attachment C Patients Asked to Call Billing to Make Payment ArrangementsThis policy is effective as of 10/14/13 and should be used by all front desk staff.

Patient Balance Collections Policy

Attachment A LPS Collection of Co-payments Policy 07012013

Attachment B Please contact our billing department within five days at 1


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Patient Satisfaction Survey Results Q3 2013

Here are the patient satisfaction survey results for Quarter 3 of 2013.

This includes surveys for July, August and September 2013.20131001135752354

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Patient Survey Results for September 2013

Attached you will find the results of the patient email surveys for the month of September 2013 by location.


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NEW! Missed and Late Appointment Policy Effective 10/1/13

We have issued a new policy that will go in to effect on 10/1/2013.

Missed and Late Appointment Policy updated fees

This policy addressed patients who “no show” for appointments, and arrive past the appointment time.

As of the end of this month, patients will also hear this on the Televox reminder calls as part of the normal reminder.

I am also sending a letter to our patients who continually no show reminding them of this policy as well.

Please review the policy and contact me directly if you have any questions.


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Procedure Pre-Payment Calculator

Procedure Pre-Payment Calculator

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Employee Assistance Program 2013-2014

Please click on this attachment for more detailed information   M-P

Introducing our new supplemental benefit- “Employee Assistance Program” 

ComPsych offers Guidance Resource solutions for employees such as Confidential Counseling, Parent Guidance, Estate Guidance, Legal Information, Financial Information, Online Will Preparation & Tools & Services. We would like to offer employees an opportunity to utilize the Employee Assistance Program if needed. Some services cover benefits with limits such as the number of free counselings. 

ComPsych is the pioneer and worldwide leader of employee assistance programs. Our global reach and extensive network of providers and resources mean multinational employers get the benefit of a centrally managed EAP, with consistent service delivery for employees, wherever they are working. What really sets us apart from other employee assistance program providers is our holistic assessment of and response to each employee’s needs through an extensive, in-house staff of specialists. Our approach helps an employee and their family members address an array of life challenges before they become distractions that affect home life as well as work performance. In helping individuals address personal life issues, we help employers stay ahead.

Visit the provider website at or contact Com Psych directly at 1-866-301-9551

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Patient Satisfaction Survey Results July 2013

All locations July 2013 Patient Satisfaction

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Process Improvement Suggestion Form as of 07/01/2013

Please use this form for process improvement suggestions.

Process Improvement Suggestion Form 07012013

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Collection of Co-Payments Policy

Attachment A. LPS Collection of Co-payments Policy 07012013

Please contact Casie Kimer for questions.

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